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The mattress factory has been directly operated for more than 30 years.

The mattresses are all produced in Taiwan.

Production, testing and processing of independent cylinders, the masters adhere to the quality and classic craftsmanship.

All the materials and cushions can be seen on site. The process of making the mattress is open and transparent, allowing you to sleep not only at ease, but also a very relaxing experience


Make every good bed exclusively for you with heart, every pocket-spring is built for a beautiful dreamland, welcome to come and try it yourself !!

Flexible delivery
After sales support
5 years warranty

Inherit the dream of Taiwanese

30 years experience

Inheriting the spirit of the Taiwanese, Dad’s requirements for quality have been deeply rooted in our hearts since childhood. Therefore, we insist on making only real materials for quality, so that users can sleep well, rely on and accompany the bed for life.

Creative innovation

Innovation is our unchanging law. The usage habits and materials of each generation are different. Constantly innovate and test to make products have a better experience. We will cooperate and communicate with manufacturers in other countries to integrate and innovate to create new generation products.

Diversified cooperation

We carry out diversified cooperation, so that the spring mattress manufacturing process has faster efficiency and quality output, the flexibility and rigidity tests have tens thousands of test standards to achieve high-level product quality

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