How to choose a bed ?

  1. The type of mattress
  2. Structure of spring mattress
    The structure of the box spring is mainly divided into two parts: spring cushion and filling. The two parts are explained below.

Box spring
The Box spring is the main structure of the spring bed, including spring particles, tandem wires, and frame wires. The main function of the spring is to withstand the axial pressure from top to bottom. The main function of the tandem cable is to connect the springs of the front, rear, left and right together to withstand the axial pressure from the top to the bottom and the lateral force generated by turning over and rolling. The energy supply is to protect the periphery of the series spring.

3. The soft and hard distinction of spring mattress
It can be divided into subjective feeling and objective test. Subjective feelings are different for each person’s weight, body curve, sleep habits (sleeping on their backs or sideways, lying upright or curled), weight distribution, etc., so they have different feelings about the hardness of the mattress.

4. How to choose the right mattress
In addition to providing a comfortable sleep, a good spring mattress should also avoid pressure on various parts of the body (such as the spine). Beds that are too hard or too soft are likely to produce a sense of pressure and make sleep uneasy. Beds with poor materials have poor durability. Inappropriate fillings will waste money in addition to affecting sleep. Therefore categorize the following points:

a. Try lying down
When purchasing, it must be necessary. Since everyone’s weight, body shape, and sleeping habits are different, they need different hardness. When you try to lie down, you can feel whether the weight of the whole body is supported, whether there is a gap at the waist, and it is tight. The fit can enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Whether the bed is comfortable, healthy, soft and hard, the most important factor is the “spring structure”-including springs, tandem lines, frame lines, followed by “fillers”-including face cloth, silk cotton, foam, quilts, coconut palm

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